Saitara Muichi


Name: Miuchi Saitara ミウチ・サイタラ Age: 16 Soul Colour: Purple (3 Abilities) Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido Abilities: See dead/ evil souls, Snow and Voice Actor: OhGoshBecca

Biography Edit

Before joining DreamStar

Have a little sister.Parents divorced when her age is 5. Sister went missing when she is 8. Mother died when she is 11. She stays with her aunty after her mother died. She’s quiet and antisocial. Kuudere. 

After Joining DreamStar

She went to Tokyo for studies at the age of 16. Meet Nik and Elly again after 6 years. She’s cheery and shy. She witnesses Shiori’s death. Faint easily. She witnesses Tsugumi’s death. 

Behind the scenes Edit

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